2025 Buick Skylark: A Modern Revival of American Classic Power and Style

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Reviving the Legend: 2025 Buick Skylark Returns, Blending Classic Charm with Modern Performance

2025 Buick Skylark Review


  • Buick Skylark: Absent for decades.
  • Digital artist’s vision: Modern take on a classic.
  • Design cues: Second-generation inspiration.
  • V8 Power: Traditional heartbeat.
  • Possibility of EV: Not ruled out.

2025 Buick Skylark: A Modern Revival of an American Classic

The Buick Skylark, a beloved classic, has been absent from the automotive scene for quite some time. However, enthusiasts can now indulge in the dream of a 21st-century Skylark, thanks to the imaginative renders by digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel. This modern interpretation breathes new life into the iconic model, blending old and new elements seamlessly.

Redesigning the Buick Skylark for the Future

The perfect mix of old and new: A modern interpretation inspired by the second generation.

In reimagining the Buick Skylark, Emmanuel drew inspiration from the second generation of this legendary car. The long crease extending from the front fenders to the rocker panel and the rectangular taillights pays homage to the original design. While the new Skylark boasts sleeker and narrower lines, it retains the soul and retro feel of its predecessor.

Harnessing the Power of V8 Performance

Contrary to expectations, Emmanuel has not transformed Skylark into an electric vehicle. The visible quad exhaust setup at the rear indicates that the car relies on good old V8 power. Under the hood, it likely houses a formidable 6.2-liter V8 engine, delivering 495 horsepower, similar to the one found in the C8 Chevy Corvette Stingray.

Alternatively, Buick might consider the 670-horsepower 5.5-liter V8 engine from the C8 Corvette Z06. While an electric powertrain is not off the table, the current rendition of the Skylark celebrates the enduring allure of raw, V8 performance.

Will the Buick Skylark Make a Comeback?

A potential electric future: Exploring the possibility of an EV variant.

While Emmanuel’s design remains a concept, the possibility of an electric Skylark is not entirely ruled out. The clean and fresh grille design suggests a potential adaptation for battery cooling, offering a glimpse into a potential EV variant. Dodge’s plans for the Charger Daytona, with an electric resemblance to the Skylark render, further highlight the likelihood of electric powerplants in future muscle cars. However, for now, Buick focuses on crossovers and SUVs, and the Skylark might only return under a different class or as a trim level.

Unveiling the Discontinuation and its Reasons

The iconic Buick Skylark faced discontinuation due to a combination of factors. It’s declining image, performance limitations, and decreasing practicality contributed to its demise. Over the years, the Skylark gradually diminished in size and capability, equipped with smaller engines and relatively low power output. Certain features, such as the outdated 3-speed automatic transmission, further highlighted the need for a refresh. Nevertheless, the Skylark’s legacy lives on, and its absence has only intensified the desire for its return.

A Glimpse Under the Hood of the New Skylark

The enduring allure of V8 performance: Unleashing the power within.

General Motors possesses the unique advantage of creating an exciting revival or a more mundane iteration of the Skylark. In an ideal scenario, the new Skylark would boast one of GM’s exhilarating V8 engines, like the impressive 495-horsepower 6.2-liter variant found in the C8 Corvette. Alternatively, embracing the electric revolution, Skylark could adopt an electric powertrain. GM’s experience with the Hummer’s transformation highlights the possibility of an electric Skylark, providing competition in the rapidly evolving market.

2025 Buick Skylark Redesign

The Anticipated Comeback of the Buick Skylark

The 70th anniversary revival: Bringing back the iconic Buick Skylark.

With its 70th anniversary on the horizon, the time seems ripe for the Buick Skylark’s grand return. Despite the waning popularity of the car segment, fans are eager to see this iconic model make a comeback. However, Buick finds itself amid a significant electrification push, resulting in the introduction of numerous new vehicles.

Rumors of the 2025 Buick Skylark EV further fuel anticipation. Although the brand’s presence in the United States is limited to just a few SUV models, Buick’s popularity is on the rise in other markets, particularly China. While the possibility of an electrified Skylark, potentially named the Wildcat EV, exists, Buick’s future remains an intriguing enigma.

2025 Buick Skylark: Interior and Technological Advancements

Seamless blend of luxury and technology: Elevating the cabin experience.

The interior of the 2025 Buick Skylark remains shrouded in mystery. General Motors will undoubtedly equip it with the latest technological advancements, ensuring cutting-edge infotainment, entertainment, and safety systems. If Skylark embraces an electric powertrain, it will likely feature a high level of autonomous driving capabilities, possibly utilizing the Ultra Cruise feature.

As a two-door car, the Skylark’s appeal lies in its attractiveness, but practicality remains a key consideration. Therefore, if Skylark returns, it is likely to adopt a four-door configuration. Given Buick’s positioning as a brand associated with luxury, the cabin will exude upscale sophistication, adorned with premium materials.

2025 Buick Skylark: Release Date and Pricing Expectations

Historical reference: Average price of a second-gen Skylark around $23,000.

As of 2025, based on Classic.com’s auction results aggregator spanning five years, the average price of a second-generation Buick Skylark hovers around $23,000. However, these figures are unrelated to the potential revival of the Skylark and merely serve as historical references. As for the exact release date and pricing of the speculated 2025 Buick Skylark, enthusiasts and potential buyers eagerly await official announcements from Buick.

2025 Buick Skylark Specs


In conclusion, the prospect of a 2025 Buick Skylark evokes a sense of nostalgia and excitement. With its modern interpretation, blending classic design cues with contemporary elements, this potential revival promises to captivate automotive enthusiasts and enthrall fans of the iconic Skylark nameplate. Whether powered by a V8 engine or embracing electrification, the future Skylark holds the potential to become a symbol of power, style, and innovation.

2025 Buick Skylark: Unveiling the Revival in a Table of Excitement

Topic Summary
Redesigning the Buick Skylark for the Future Modern interpretation inspired by the second generation, blending old and new design elements.
The New Buick Skylark Uses Good Old V8 Power As Always Maintaining the tradition of V8 power, delivering raw performance and a thrilling driving experience.
Will There Be A New Buick Skylark And Why Did It Go Away? Exploring the possibility of an electric variant, considering the EV era and potential future adaptations.
Under the hood of the new Skylark Unleashing the enduring allure of V8 performance, providing power and excitement to the driving experience.
The Comeback Celebrating the 70th anniversary with the revival of the iconic Buick Skylark, evoking nostalgia and excitement.
2025 Buick Skylark Interior and New Technology Elevating the cabin experience with a seamless blend of luxury and advanced technological features.
Release Date & Price Historical reference: Average price of a second-gen Skylark around $23,000 based on auction results.