2025 Buick Grand National: Reviving American Muscle with Fresh Design and Power

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Reviving Muscle Car Glory: The 2025 Buick Grand National Returns with Fresh Style and Iconic Power!

2025 Buick Grand National Review


  • The 2025 Buick Grand National is making a comeback.
  • The rendering showcases a revolutionary design.
  • Inspiration is drawn from various car elements.
  • A potential redesign incorporates Cadillac influences.
  • The engine may feature a twin-turbo V6.
  • Pricing and availability remain uncertain.
  • The car is speculated to come in a variety of colors.

2025 Buick Grand National – Iconic Sedan Making a Comeback

The 2025 Buick Grand National is set to reignite the passion of modern American muscle car enthusiasts. While cars like the Dodge Charger may satisfy some, there are those who crave the return of the legendary Buick Grand National. With the rising popularity of modernized renderings of classic cars, it was only a matter of time before the iconic Grand National made it’s way back into the spotlight.

A Revolutionarily Simple Design

Separating itself from the competition with a softened sense of maturity, the rendering captures the essence of the classic Grand National while embracing a unique and unconventional approach.

In keeping with its unconventional nature, the 2025 Buick Grand National rendering sets itself apart from the current field of muscle cars. While its predecessor boasted a turbocharged V6 engine amidst a sea of V8 powerhouses, the new rendition aims for a more refined and mature driving experience suitable for everyday use.

Retaining the large wheels and boxy shape of the original, this rendering takes a literal approach to the French word “coupé,” as the roof cuts almost straight down to the quarter panel. The design pays homage to its racing pedigree with retro front lip, side skirts, and rear spats that seamlessly flow into an aggressive diffuser. Chrome trim accents around the windows and a polished dual exhaust add a touch of sophistication.

The Ingenious Composition of the Buick Grand National

The artist’s ingenious use of various car components creates a stunning amalgamation that pays tribute to both American and international influences.

What sets this rendering apart is the breakdown provided by the artist on the elements used to create it. The body is sourced from a late 2000s Chevrolet Impala, while the headlights are borrowed from the 2020 Buick Regal. The wheels find inspiration from the new BMW 3 Series, and the spoiler takes cues from the 2017 Corvette. Surprisingly, the trunk plate, tail lights, and lower portion of the rear bumper come from the Toyota 86 and GR86.

Some may argue that overseas influences have no place in an American muscle car. However, it’s worth noting that even the original Buick Grand National drew inspiration from sources outside of Detroit. Just as the artist embraced diverse elements in this rendering, if Buick were to resurrect the Grand National, it would likely break convention and forge its own path.

2025 Buick Grand National: Fresh Styling

Drawing inspiration from the Cadillac CT6, the potential redesign of the Buick Grand National takes a bold departure from its original design, featuring a more upfront and modern appearance.

When envisioning a redesign for the 2025 Buick Grand National, there is no definitive way to predict its exact appearance. However, we can reflect on the original design, which embodied the epitome of a powerful and masculine sedan. The Grand National shared unmistakable similarities with other classic American muscle cars of its time. Today, finding one of these vintage models in excellent condition is a rarity, and they often command high prices. But what if a new edition were to emerge in this century?

2025 Buick Grand National Rumors

The redesigned model could draw inspiration from the body and platform of the Cadillac CT6, albeit without the rear doors. The front fascia would undergo a significant redesign, featuring modern grilles and headlights with a boxier packaging that embodies the Buick aesthetic. This innovative approach would present a challenge for the designers and dealers, as it deviates from the original Buick design language.

Powerful Engine for the 2025 Buick Grand National

Revisiting the spirit of its predecessor, the potential inclusion of a twin-turbo V6 engine ensures that the 2025 Buick Grand National stays true to its powerful muscle car heritage.

In a 1987 Car and Driver test, a Grand National achieved an impressive 0 to 60 miles per hour time of just 4.9 seconds. It outpaced legendary supercars like the Countach and the Ferrari Testarossa by a fraction of a second. Back then, the Grand National held significant meaning and was widely used by law enforcement agencies and in public service.

While the new engine for the 2025 Buick Grand National may not be more powerful, the passage of decades calls for an engine upgrade. One can only hope that the contemporary Buick GNX will feature a twin-turbo V6 engine, paying homage to the original GNX and another automotive legend, the GMC Syclone. The turbocharged V6 powertrain was a defining characteristic of the best muscle cars of the 1980s, and it would be fitting for the new Grand National to continue that tradition.

2025 Buick Grand National: Price and Availability

While the exact pricing remains uncertain, the high demand and scarcity of existing Grand Nationals indicate that the new edition is likely to come with a substantial price tag.

GM has remained tight-lipped about the possibility of a new Grand National, leaving the entire concept shrouded in mystery. It is prudent to treat any online information about available variants with skepticism, as their legitimacy cannot be verified. The future of this model remains uncertain.

2025 Buick Grand National Concept

Existing Grand Nationals command high prices, even for older versions. Some well-preserved vehicles are listed at starting prices of $45,000 and above. Speculating on the possible pricing of a new 2025 Buick Grand National, we can anticipate a starting price of at least $55,000 for the base model. However, it is highly doubtful that GM will ultimately decide to reintroduce this model.

Available Colors

If the 2025 Buick Grand National were to become a reality, it is likely to be offered in a range of captivating colors. These may include:

  • Cinnabar Metallic (GFM)
  • Copper Ice Metallic (G98 – new for 2025)
  • Ebony Twilight Metallic (GB0)
  • Moonstone Gray Metallic (GZB)
  • Ocean Blue Metallic (GK9 – new for 2025)
  • Summit White (GAZ)
  • Sunrise Red Metallic (GMF – new for 2025)
  • White Frost Tricoat (GP5)

Unveiling the 2025 Buick Grand National: Design, Power, and Pricing Insights at a Glance!

Topic Summary
2025 Buick Grand National Design The rendering showcases a unique and unconventional design that combines maturity and style.
How This Buick Became So Grand The artist cleverly used components from different cars to create an innovative composition.
2025 Buick Grand National Fresh Styling The potential redesign takes inspiration from the Cadillac CT6 and features a modern appearance.
2025 Buick Grand National Engine The new edition may come equipped with a twin-turbo V6 engine, staying true to its powerful legacy.
Price The exact pricing remains uncertain, but the high demand suggests a substantial price tag.
Colors The 2025 Buick Grand National could be available in a variety of captivating color options.