2024 Honda Fit: Unleashing Style and Performance with Exciting Updates!

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Revitalized for Excellence: Unleash the All-New 2024 Honda Fit – Elevate Your Driving Experience!

2024 Honda Fit Redesign


  • The 2024 Honda Fit is receiving a mid-cycle update.
  • Updates will focus on aesthetics and potential powertrain upgrades.
  • Design enhancements include front-end updates and an RS trim.
  • The interior will retain its layout with added RS trim features.
  • Engine options include a hybrid system and petrol variants.

2024 Honda Fit: A Mid-Cycle Update for Style and Performance

The 2024 Honda Fit is set to receive an exciting mid-cycle update, bringing forth a range of enhancements to this popular subcompact hatchback. As we eagerly await its arrival, let’s explore what we can expect from this upcoming model. From the latest reports, it seems that the Japanese domestic market (JDM) will be the first to experience the updates, followed by other markets, including European Jazz. The focus of this refresh will primarily be on aesthetics, although there are also speculations about potential powertrain upgrades.

Design Upgrades for the 2024 Honda Fit

Aesthetically enhanced with a focus on front-end updates and the addition of sporty details in the RS trim.

The forthcoming 2024 Honda Fit will undergo a mid-cycle facelift, predominantly focusing on aesthetic enhancements. These changes will primarily be concentrated on the front end, encompassing updates to the headlights, front fascia, and bumper, among other areas. Additionally, the RS trim will introduce an array of sporty details, including a more aggressive grille and bumpers, larger intakes, red RS badges, deeper side sills, larger alloy wheels, and a rear spoiler. It’s worth noting, however, that while the RS version exudes a sportier look, it does not entail any mechanical upgrades such as a sports suspension or a more powerful engine.

Despite these updates, the mechanical aspects of the 2024 Honda Fit will remain unchanged. This includes the suspension and chassis setup, which maintain a relatively simple configuration. Consequently, the ride quality leans toward the firmer side. Nevertheless, this design approach delivers engaging handling and direct steering, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Refined Interior Features

Familiar cabin layout with notable RS trim features and ample passenger and cargo space.

While the overall interior layout of the 2024 Honda Fit will remain consistent with its predecessors, the RS trim will offer a distinct set of features. Notable additions include a leather steering wheel, new paddles for controlling regenerative braking, and an updated drive mode selector.

2024 Honda Fit Interior

Expect the cabin to retain its familiar elements, such as the 7-inch digital instrument cluster and the 9-inch infotainment screen. Passenger and cargo space will also remain unchanged, providing comfortable and spacious seating in the front, along with reasonably generous space in the second row. The cargo area will continue to offer ample capacity for your belongings.

Powertrain Possibilities

Powertrain options include a hybrid system and various petrol engine variants, providing a range of choices for different markets.

Reports suggest that the hybrid version of the 2024 Honda Fit may receive a slight upgrade. Currently, the Fit utilizes a system that combines a 1.5-liter inline-four petrol engine with two electric motors, generating a combined output of 107 horsepower and 253Nm of torque. Allegedly, the maximum output might be increased to 129 horsepower and 253Nm of torque, mirroring the output found in the HR-V crossover. This hybrid system is paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

2024 Honda Fit Review

Apart from the hybrid powertrain, the 2024 Honda Fit will continue to offer familiar petrol engine options. The most common choice is the 1.5-liter unit, available in two variants depending on the market. Some regions will receive a version tuned to produce 120 horsepower and 145Nm of torque, while others, like China, will have a more powerful variant delivering 133 horsepower and 155Nm of torque. In Japan, a 1.3-liter inline-four engine will also be available, providing a maximum output of 98 horsepower and 119 pound-feet of torque.

An Array of Striking Colors

Choose from six captivating colors, allowing you to personalize your 2024 Honda Fit.

The 2024 Honda Fit will be available in six captivating colors, each adding a touch of personality to this subcompact hatchback. Choose from the following options:

  • Metallic Boreal Blue
  • Solid White Taffeta
  • White Pearly Star
  • Platinum Silver Platinum
  • Barium Gray Metallic
  • Red Metallic Venus

Exceptional Features in the Honda Fit Series

An array of high-quality features designed to maximize functionality and comfort in the New Honda Fit series.

The New Honda Fit series offers a multitude of quality features, showcasing exceptional functionality. Some of the standout elements include:

  • Air conditioner
  • Foot support
  • 2DIN audio system (AM-FM/USB/Bluetooth)
  • Front speakers (2)
  • Audible seat belt warning
  • Driver’s seat with height adjustment
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Center console with cup holder
  • Rear window defroster
  • Illuminated dashboard
  • Mirror visor for driver and passenger
  • Object holders in the entrance doors
  • 12-volt power outlet
  • Electric windows

2024 Honda Fit: Release Date and Pricing

Anticipated to hit the market in the second half of 2023, bringing its enhanced features to eager customers.

We anticipate that the 2024 Honda Fit will make its debut in the second half of 2023, bringing its stylish and enhanced features to eager customers. The pricing details for different versions of the New Honda Fit 2023 are as follows:

  • EXL – CVT: starting from $19,800
  • EX – CVT: starting from $18,600
  • LX – CVT: starting from $17,300
  • Sport – CVT: starting from $15,900
  • DX – Manual: starting from $14,400

2024 Honda Fit: The Complete Overview – Design, Interior, Engines, Colors, Features, Release Date, and Pricing!

Topic Summary
2024 Honda Fit Design Aesthetics-focused updates, particularly in the front end, with sporty details in the RS trim.
Interior Familiar cabin layout, RS trim offers additional features, and ample passenger and cargo space.
2024 Honda Fit Engines Hybrid systems and petrol engine variants provide powertrain options for different markets.
Honda Fit Colors Six captivating color options are available for personalization.
Honda Fit Series Items High-quality features designed for functionality and comfort in the New Honda Fit series.
2024 Honda Fit Release Expected market release in the second half of 2023.
Prices Different versions are available with varying prices to suit different budget preferences.